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Brazilian Hair Care

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Update time : 2022-10-30 16:22:00
Brazilian hair is light, silky and lustrous in texture which is one of the reasons that it's the most popular type of hair extensions in the market. The light texture of the Brazilian human hair makes it effortless to wear and maintain. With proper care Brazilian human hair, Hydration both before and after installation is the most important step to maintaining the exquisite texture and appearance of your hair. Follow these tips and get ready for the compliments!
When you receive your shipment remove your product from the package and inspect each piece carefully. We LUKEtake great pride in our product and it is 100% guaranteed. Since natural hair is reactive to a simple wash and deep conditioning, you can keep your new hair looking its best by implementing a simple care regimen.
Gently rinse your hair extensions with warm water until they are saturated. Apply a generous amount of Shampoo to the hair, while holding the weft at the base, gently shampoo in a downward motion working shampoo from the top down. Rinse thoroughly. Condition hair in same manner and allow time to air dry.
Use a good (leave-in) conditioner to keep your hair soft. Avoid hair products that contain alcohol which can make the hair very dry. Also remember that many styling products can cause build up over time. It is recommended that a deep cleansing shampoo be used once or twice a month to remove build-up. Build-up can make the hair dry and can cause tangling. Use moisturizers to avoid this problem.
Heat is your hair’s biggest enemy. The more you use on it, the shorter the life span of your hair. Use heat in moderation. Do not use high temperatures. High temperatures can damage the hair, including permanently altering the hair texture

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