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About Our Luke

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In 2015, Mr. Weng came to Guangzhou and once stumbled upon the discovery that many foreign girls and ladies had a great demand for real human hair products and traveled thousands of miles to China to purchase hair. However, it was difficult for them to get the products they wanted, because there are not many suppliers in Guangzhou. So Mr. Weng established the Luke Hair LLC to help these girls and ladies who pursue beautiful. For more than ten years, Luke’s hair has been recognized by the market. He now has 1 factory, 2 stores, 3 warehouses and 1 office and 3 websites.

Excellent Address & Professional Experience:
Located in Guangzhou city, China, the first hair entity shop in Guangzhou beauty center,
LUKE ® human hair has more than ten year’s experience in human hair industry since the year of 1995.

Strong Supply Abilities:
As a professional human hair provider ,LUKE ® is highly dedicated to providing quality human hair including Brazilian ,Peruvian , Indian ,European ,Mongolian human hair and so on,
Various textures, different length, fashionable style following the trends of the market.
Rather wide selection space for you!

Good Reputation:
With excellent quality, reasonable price and great service, LUKE ® has established good reputation in this field.
Our customers are all over the world and the products sell rather well especially in the USA, South Africa, Europe and other countries or areas.

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